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The new improved Venus Freeze/Venus Legacy device is in house, and the Plastic Surgery Group is the first practice in NJ to have it! The Venus Legacy Device yields effective results with no pain and no downtime.

Who is a candidate? Anyone with mild skin laxity in the face or body is a candidate. The results are most noticeable with patients that are close to normal body weight, with mild laxity and/or small fatty areas that need reduction. It requires 6-10 initial weekly treatments and can be maintained by either an occasional series repeat, or a monthly touch up.

What can I expect? With 6 to 10 weekly treatments, the procedure will:

  • Tighten & shrink the skin on the face, neck, jawline, and décolleté
  • Reduce fluid around the eyes
  • Contour the arms
  • Contour the abdomen/stomach
  • Reduce localized fat spots
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Contour and lift the thighs and buttocks

How long does it last? The treatments improve the elasticity and tone of the skin, while time and the aging process do the opposite…so it’s something that can stay in ones anti-aging plan forever to keep neutralizing that process. Just as regular exercise keeps the muscles toned, Venus Legacy treatments keep the skin toned. So it’s something one can use consistently to hold off the degenerative process. Call to schedule your series today – 973-233-1933