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Our patients often ask for night creams, and general good moisturizing products. We have several hydrating and moisturizing products, the Triple Antioxidant Moisturizer and Serum, the Peptide Duo that includes a Firming Serum and a Peptide Restructuring Cream, and of course our Moisturizing Sunscreens…but for a special treatment product that has a richer feel to it, we now have the answer: PSG Restorative Cream 

PSG Restorative Cream contains high functioning performance ingredients to assist and improve the restorative processes of the skin. It contains 4 types of Ceramides to repair the lipid barrier and increase moisture retention, plant stem cells to provide micronutrients and visually plump up the skin cells, 3 emollients to prevent dryness, a 3 part antioxidant complex to counteract free radical damage, peptides to support collagen growth to increase elasticity, and 4 powerful humectants to bind hydration in the skin.
Paraben free, hypoallergenic and gluten free, the PSG Restorative Cream is the ideal cream to hydrate, soften and protect your skin. Can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin, retinol patients, young, middle and older skins.

PSG Restorative Cream can be used night or day, but it’s particularly indicated for evening use. Sleep is very important for the skin. It restores and balances hormone levels, including the damaging stress hormone cortisol, repairs tissue, replaces cells lost through age and damage, rebalances the acidity/alkalinity of the protective acid mantle, calms inflammation, and increases the moisture level. PSG Restorative Cream effectively supports and enhances these natural healing processes.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Medical Aestheticians, please call 973-233-1933!