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Plastic Surgery GiftsIs it OK to gift a loved one plastic surgery?

This question becomes relevant as we approach the holiday season and begin to think about what our loved ones would love to receive.

Gifting plastic surgery can be a touchy subject. To an outsider, it may send a message that you think your loved one needs to improve their appearance. On the other hand, you know your loved one best. Have they expressed that they want to improve their appearance with a cosmetic procedure? If so, why not spoil them with something you know that they would love?

Plastic Surgery Gifting Becoming Popular

Last year, Elle Magazine reported on the rising trend of gifting plastic surgery. One of the plastic surgeons they interviewed in the article said that so far that season, he had sold more than 50 gift cards, many for non-surgical procedures like peels and dermal fillers. A few husbands did procure vouchers for procedures like liposuction or neck lift for their wives who were interested, the doctor noted.

Another dermatologist the magazine interviewed said it was common at her practice for a woman to undergo treatment herself, and then gift the treatment to a loved one so they could try it out. Talk about having a generous spirit!

Based on the current dialogue, it seems the key to gifting plastic surgery is that it not be a spontaneous or unsolicited move. The gift is more likely to be well-received when your loved one has been talking about undergoing treatment, or even gone in for a consultation, but hasn’t yet scheduled surgery.

However — when the roles are reversed and a wife is buying for her husband, the rules seem to change. Another doctor that Elle spoke to said that he noticed women were more likely to gift a non-surgical or surgical procedure to their husband without any provocation. Men are more hesitant to admit to wanting cosmetic enhancement, according to Elle. They may simply need an extra push.

A Few Guidelines

On their blog, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons offered some suggestions for gifting plastic surgery:

  1. Determine the recipient’s cosmetic desires and concerns (e.g., larger breasts, smoother facial skin).
  2. If they haven’t mentioned a specific procedure or treatment, do some research about the service(s) that may address their concern(s).
  3. Call a plastic surgeon (we can be reached at 973-233-1933) to inquire about the procedure(s) and to obtain a price estimate.
  4. Gift a card or voucher that states your intent to contribute to your loved one’s procedure or service.
  5. Have the recipient call the surgeon’s office to schedule a consultation.

The Final Word

Ultimately, the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is up to the recipient and the surgeon. Our patients retain the right to make decisions about their care, and our surgical team will advise whether we think an individual is qualified for a particular treatment.

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