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Plastic surgery boosts job opportunitiesOne of the realities of the modern workplace is the importance of image. Job candidates and employees are judged not only by their professional qualifications, but also by the way they look and carry themselves.

As more people realize the importance of image in the workplace, the demand for plastic surgery rises. Plastic surgeons admit that a common motivating factor for many candidates is the desire to advance professionally. Plastic surgery addresses perceived flaws that hamper an individual’s self-image, and provides the much-needed boost of confidence to go after new career opportunities.

The Plastic Surgery Group believes that for the right people, cosmetic enhancement can pave the way for new jobs, promotions and raises. In this post, they explain why.

Staying Competitive in the Workplace

The 2014 plastic surgery statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed an uptick in the demand for male plastic surgery. According to some of the association’s members, many of these men desire a more youthful appearance to stay competitive in an increasingly younger workplace. With so many recent college graduates, older executives want to match their younger, more energetic colleagues and competitors.

It’s not just men — many women feel that looking youthful is important to landing a job and earning raises and promotions.

Facelift and eyelid surgery are two of the most requested facial rejuvenation procedures among aging executives. Treatments with cosmetic injectables are also popular, as they can be performed during a quick lunch break and require no downtime.

It’s Not All About Looks; It’s Also About Confidence

Confidence is a key component to career success. Confident, well-adjusted workers tend to get hired and receive raises and promotions more often than their self-conscious or timid peers.

What does this mean for you?

If a certain physical feature embarrasses or bothers you, it is possible that you project a self-conscious vibe in interviews and meetings. For example, you might avoid looking someone in the eye because you feel embarrassed of your oversized nose. Or, you might sit hunched over because you feel self-conscious of saggy breasts or a disproportionate body. Perhaps you don’t speak up in collaborative settings because you imagine everyone will fixate on your wrinkles. This type of behavior could come across as aloof, unpleasant and uninterested.

The truth is most people are fixated on themselves and their own flaws. We are our own worst critics and notice things that a coworker or boss would never see. However, as long as your expectations are reasonable, plastic surgery can be helpful for your attitude. For the right candidates, plastic surgery will provide a much-needed boost in self-esteem and overall sense of satisfaction. And, scientists from the University of Michigan found a correlation between confidence and higher wages. If you have a performance review approaching, start planning ahead!

Explore Your Opportunities for Cosmetic Enhancement

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