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Fall skin careThe arrival of fall is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your skin. Cleansing the skin after hours spent under the summer sun can unveil fresh, healthy skin. Here, the Plastic Surgery Group shares three essential skin care tips as well as treatments to keep in mind for this fall.


As the leaves change color this fall, so should your moisturizer. Though a lightweight facial moisturizer can keep your skin from getting too oily during the summer,  your skin runs into the exact opposite problem during the fall and winter months. Use a heavier cream or oil-based serum to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
Including regular facials in your skin care regimen can also keep your skin beautiful and fresh year round. Our popular Royal Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a hydrating and lifting modeling masque to keep skin refreshed and youthful-looking.


Exfoliating can repair sun damage by removing dead cells and unclogging the pores. Try exfoliating at home once or twice a week with a gentle facial scrub before putting on any makeup, moisturizer or sunscreen.

For even clearer, more beautiful skin, try one of our premier, in-office exfoliative treatments. The Glycolic Peel skin treatment is a favorite among our patients because it brightens and smoothens the skin by treating aging skin, adult acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.


The sun never rests and can still harm your skin in overcast or cloudy weather. Because of this, sunscreen should be worn year round to avoid sunburns, redness, and even premature wrinkles and fine lines.

If you are looking to repair your skin following hours spent out in the sun this summer, our redness laser treatment can help. This laser skin treatment can improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating facial redness often caused by sun damage, acne or rosacea. For signs of premature aging caused by long-term sun exposure, consider our laser wrinkle treatment. This treatment is a great option to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, which can appear as a result of sun damage. Following treatment, patients may experience redness and peeling. Once the skin heals, patients can enjoy new, rejuvenated skin just in time for fall.

To find out more about your skin rejuvenation options, contact the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey. One of our trusted experts will be happy to discuss with you in detail our nonsurgical cosmetic treatments that leave your skin revitalized and radiant. Schedule a one-on-one consultation today by calling (973) 233-1933.