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Eat healthy over the holidaysAt The Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey, we know that our patients prioritize their health, well-being and appearance. Part of any healthy lifestyle is diet, and with the holidays approaching, it can be difficult for some people to keep their diets on track. Our team has put together a list of tips for healthy eating over the holidays.

Participate in Potlucks

Many offices and social groups like to throw potluck-style gatherings around the holidays. Don’t sit on the sidelines and hope that someone else brings something sensible to eat. Contribute your own dish, such as a veggie platter or fruit salad, to ensure there is at least one healthy option. Your friends and coworkers who are also watching their diet will thank you!

Control Portion Size

Trick yourself into eating reasonable portions by using smaller salad or dessert plates for your main course. Limit calorie-laden beverages and alcoholic drinks by pouring them into tall, skinny glasses (not short, wide ones).

Have a Pre-Party Snack.

Don’t show up at a holiday party on an empty stomach. Before leaving your house, have a light snack (e.g., a piece of fruit, low-fat string cheese, hard-boiled eggs) to sustain you. This lowers the risk of over-eating during the soirée.

Don’t Let Shopping Derail You

Spending the afternoon at the mall looking for gifts? Don’t let hunger and fatigue tempt you into consuming an oversized cinnamon bun or pretzel. Bring along small snacks from home. Or, select a quiet corner of a sit-down restaurant and eat a proper meal without the distraction of loud noises.

Monitor Your Clothing Fit

Once a week, slip on your favorite skinny jeans and think about how they feel. If they are too tight, tweak your diet and exercise routine for the week. If they are still comfortable, you’re on the right track!

Counteract Splurges

Eying the office candy dish? Before you enjoy a piece, complete a physical activity. Climb a few flights of stairs, walk around the building or do some push-ups or planks in your office.

Shift the Focus away from Food

Decorating cookies and gingerbread houses is a holiday tradition. However, you might find that most candy decorations end up in your mouth instead of on the cookie or gingerbread. To avoid a sugar overload, modify the decoration tradition so you aren’t focused on food. Decorate wreaths or Christmas tree ornaments. Or, try something new and sign up to serve a holiday meal at a homeless shelter.

Eating Healthy but Not Seeing Results?

If you normally follow a healthy diet and regularly exercise, but still struggle with excess fat or disproportionate body contours, our plastic surgeons can help. We offer a variety of body sculpting treatments to reduce fat and eliminate excess skin wherever needed.

To learn more about your body sculpting treatment options, please schedule an informational consultation with our team. Call us at (973) 233-1933 today to make your appointment.