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There has been a lot of press given to hyaluronic acid (HYA) for several years now. The array of products featuring HYA spans from nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and into injectables for joints as well as for balancing facial symmetry, plumping up lips and filling wrinkles.

The PSG Hydrating Serum has a few special attributes that make it the superior choice for everyday skin care, as well as a follow up to procedures such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, BBL (Broad Band Light), Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT, or Microneedling) and Ulthera.

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to attract and bind up to 1000x it’s own weight in water, so when present in the skin, it attracts water and plumps up the area.  Most HYA products sit on the surface of the skin and only penetrate just the very surface skin, but the PSG Hydrating Serum also features fractionated HYA that by its multiple molecular forms penetrates deeper; plumping and supporting from a better position in the skin.  It contains antioxidants to soothe irritated skin and guard against free radical damage, but probably most importantly, it features a special copper peptide that has far reaching effects for the skin.

Wrinkles can be viewed as small, improperly healed wounds. Wrinkles are characterized by incorrect deposition of collagen and imperfect skin cell layering, which is also seen in healed wounds albeit on a  larger scale.  Could the agents that modify the process of wound healing (by minimizing scar formation and improving skin remodeling) have a potential to prevent or even reduce wrinkles? The class of compounds called copper peptides are a good example of wound-healing agents that also have anti-wrinkle properties.

What exactly are copper peptides and how can they boost skin rejuvenation? Generally speaking, peptides are small fragments of proteins. (And the proteins are the key building blocks of most living tissues.) Certain kinds of peptides have an avid affinity for copper, to which they bind very tightly. The resulting compound consisting of a peptide and a copper atom is known as a copper peptide.

A distinctive feature of copper peptides is that they reduce scar tissue formation while stimulating normal skin remodeling. In other words, they help better restore the damaged area to its original look. This is particularly important during and as a follow up to peels, laser resurfacing, BBL, Ulthera, Dermaplaning and CIT microneedling procedures, as the very reason for doing these procedures is to stimulate remodeling of collagen and reorganization of scarred, wrinkled and many other compromised skin issues.

What about people who do not have any wounds or ulcerations to heal? Can copper peptides be useful for regular skin protection and rejuvenation? It appears that they can. The available evidence indicated the following potential skin benefits:

  • Many existing skin care treatments are based on the concept of abrading, penetrating or removing the outermost layers of the skin. The resulting healing process stimulates skin remodeling leading to smoother, younger looking skin. Since copper peptides optimize healing and improve skin remodeling, they can augment the effect of treatments based on various forms of controlled skin injury.
  • Copper peptides are effective against various forms of skin irritation, due to their anti-inflammatory effects. Skin irritation, even in the absence of open lesions, dramatically accelerates skin aging by promoting the formation of free radicals. In many cases, copper peptides can reduce or eliminate the irritation and help maximize treatment benefits.
  • It is always easier to prevent the damage than to fix it later. To a significant degree, skin aging is caused by the accumulation of minor day-to-day damage from sun, wind, detergents, acne, abrasions and so forth. As these minute lesions heal, they leave microscopic imperfections, which, eventually, accumulate to become visible signs of aging.  It appears that copper peptides can help minimize the damage from daily wear and tear of the skin.

The bottom line:

PSG Hydrating Serum, featuring copper peptides are a promising skin treatment with a good safety profile. The products ability to improve the healing of various types of skin lesions is well established. The antioxidants and copper peptides may slow down the development of the signs of skin aging by limiting the consequences of daily wear and tear and augment the results of the skin rejuvenation treatments based on controlled skin injury. Daily use will soften and hydrate the skin, plump up and smooth the texture, and help prevent further damage.