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Combining facial procedures for natural resultsThe decision to combine multiple surgical rejuvenating procedures at the same time is very much an individual choice. I believe that facelift and eyelid surgery is a natural combination of procedures that can be done simultaneously since the recovery period for each is about the same and neither one interferes with the healing of the other. Similarly, I do not do eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty simultaneously since I believe that the swelling from the rhinoplasty and eyes makes it an uncomfortable recovery and may impact healing. Other surgeons and patients do not mind the excessive swelling, but I prefer not to if it is not absolutely necessary. A patient’s work and personal schedules will usually dictate how much time they have to recover and combining procedures results in a combined recovery period versus staging procedures which involve separate recovery periods.

For example, teachers who wish to schedule procedures will do so in the summertime so it will not interfere with the school year activities. Additionally, they are more inclined to combine multiple procedures because of the extended period of time available for recovery. Often times, professionals with busy schedules usually prefer to combine procedures so that they have a single recovery period that can be planned.

Other procedures that are natural pairings are nose and chin or belly and breast. Like face and eyes, these procedures are performed within the same operative field and therefore, making the surgery itself more efficient.

If there is an economic consideration regarding combining the procedures and you wish to stage them in order to soften the financial aspect, I would recommend focusing on the rejuvenation portion that is of highest priority to you. For many patients, a gateway for facial rejuvenation is blepharoplasty since this gives a “big bang for your buck,” because the eyes are a central focus of your face. Once comfortable with this procedure, face-lifting is a natural part of the sequencing.

Deciding on Facial Procedures for the Most Natural Results

Again, the decision to undergo surgery is very personal and depends on a number of factors, but as far as natural results from facial rejuvenation, facelift and eyelids can be performed together without negatively affecting the results in any way. As always, undertake extensive discussions with your own surgeon regarding their preferences for staging or combining procedures based on their own comfort level.