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No time? No problem!

At The Plastic Surgery Group, we understand your time is valuable and that special skin care treatments and upkeep is sometimes challenging to fit in to your busy days. With that said, the skin experts at PSG have created a specialized treatment for those of you with demanding lifestyles.

We like to call it…

The PSG Xpress
Quick – Effective – Affordable

Who’s it for?

• Introductory patients new to the world of skin care •

• Patients who already take good care of their skin and want to
supercharge their results without investing a lot of time •

• Patients currently receiving our more intensive monthly Clinical Skin Treatments can add PSG Xpress treatments to their regimen and speed up the process to lighten pigmentation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help your skin find its balance…sooner •

• Patients interested in a home care regimen who could benefit from a demonstration explaining the use and sequence of our fine pharmaceutical skin care products •

Our Dermatology PA, Stephanie Rosen will perform a comprehensive skin evaluation for you, including a look “under the skin” with our Reveal Imager. Next, a thorough cleansing, exfoliating peel, hydrating serum, masque, and a daily skin care regimen to send you on your way to clearer, smoother, younger skin.

Give your skin all the invigoration your skin all the invigoration it needs in just 30 minutes!

Schedule your appointment today…and you can thank us later!