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In most cases, the focus of plastic surgery is to improve a person’s appearance — by increasing the size of their breasts, reducing the circumference of their waist or minimizing signs of aging. However, some of the plastic surgery procedures performed by the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey also help to improve the patient’s health and resolve health problems.

Breast Reduction

Reducing oversized, heavy breasts is tremendously beneficial for a woman’s overall health. The back, neck and shoulder pain from carrying heavy breasts is significantly reduced or even eliminated. Posture improves after breast reduction. Skin issues like irritation, chafing and rashes resolve. Moving around is easier, and patients are able to exercise and enjoy physical activities regularly.


Rhinoplasty can be performed to improve the appearance of the nose; it can also help to fix structural abnormalities that impair breathing — such as a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates. Some rhinoplasty patients have noticed that they not only breathe easier after surgery but also sleep more soundly and stop snoring.

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting may help the patient’s overall health in a roundabout way. Studies have shown that removing excess skin after massive weight loss with body lift can help patients maintain a healthy weight and avoid the health risks associated with gaining weight and becoming obese. Enjoying the results of liposuction or body sculpting can be motivation to work out and follow a healthy diet.

Mental Health Improvements

Some patients suffer psychological disorders from struggling long-term with a perceived physical flaw. For example, a woman with oversized breasts may feel anxious or depressed because of unwanted attention she receives for her chest. Or a man with oversized ears may withdraw from social or professional engagements because he feels so self-conscious of this feature. Resolving these physical imperfections and creating a more normal appearance through plastic surgery can give the patient greater self-confidence and a better quality of life, improving stress, anxiety and depression.

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