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Summer has arrived! As we all head out to enjoy the sun, blue skies, pool and beach days, here are some summer skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and happy. Yes, we have a lot of great tools to undo damage but preventing it, is even better.

Wear Sunscreen

We’re going to start with this because, you know, it is THE most important thing you can do to protect your skin and minimize aging. We carry a selection of SPF lotions that are good for your skin, feel great going on and offer super protection. Come in and let us help you find one that you can love!

Switch Up Your Skincare Wardrobe

You packed away your bulky sweaters and pulled out your sleeveless tops for the summer. It may be time to put away your heavy creams and pull out those lighter-weight moisturizers as well!

It’s a good bet that your skin is less parched in the warmer months – thank you humidity – but air conditioning can still dry you out. So while you can probably pass on those thick hydrating creams that saved your skin this winter, it’s likely a good time to move on to a lighter moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated without suffocating you.

Same Goes For Your Makeup

Lighter weight foundation or a tinted moisturizer can keep you glowing (without the sweating!).

And Speaking of Sweating

If underarm sweating is an issue for you, we can help. Botox has been proven to minimize underarm sweat, whether this is just a problem in the summer or all year round. We are running a special on this in the month of July, so be sure to check it out. (Goodbye, pit stains!)

Stay Hydrated

This can be accomplished by drinking water and juices but can also include eating fruits and even veggies, like cucumbers and greens. Keep ’em coming!

No, margaritas and wine don’t count – sorry!

Protect Your Lips

OK, yes, this is another reminder to wear sunscreen but remember to slather it on your lips as well. Protect those luscious lips!

Use Fewer Retinol Products

You may find that your tried and true retinol product may make your skin a bit irritated after being out in the sun. If this is the case, make sure you are wearing your sunscreen and possibly lighten up on your retinol product application, reducing frequency.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your summer and be sure to keep us in mind if you have a special occasion coming up (hello all those re-scheduled weddings!) or have some ‘ME’ time and want to take care of one of those procedures that might require some downtime to heal. Call us at 973.233.1933 to set up an appointment or consultation.