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Cosmetic Treatments and Medical Spa in NYC

30 Central Park South
Suite 10A
New York, New York 10019



Get a Consult or Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatment in New York

Don’t let the name fool you, we have a medical spa in Central Park South. This satellite office provides consultations, and a variety of non-surgical offerings like dermal fillers and BOTOX injections.

With the expert skills of nationally recognized, board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Allen D. Rosen and Dr. Valerie J. Ablaza; the practice is excited to expand their services to the Central Park South office. Our NYC location will be open by appointment only for consultations, and non-surgical procedures like Botox treatments and filler injections for facial rejuvenation. For more information, contact the office at 212-321-0406 or email us for an appointment.

Our convenient Manhattan medi-spa is perfect for busy clients who want one or more of the following treatments:

Easy and Fast Cosmetic Treatments

Injectable Fillers
Lip Injections

Skin Care Treatments
Venus Freeze
IPL Light Therapy
Vein Treatment

Also, practicing out of our New York office is board-certified dermatologist Dr. Judith Hellman. A genuine “people person,” Dr. Hellman brings her expertise and outstanding bedside manner to hundreds of New Yorkers with a wide gamut of therapeutic and aesthetic skin concerns.

Dr. Hellman practices medical dermatology, and also specializes in dermatological surgery, laser surgery and anti-aging skin treatments.

For more information about Dr. Hellman and her practice, please visit


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