Advances in 3D Imaging Technology for Plastic Surgery

Advances in 3D Imaging Technology for Plastic Surgery Consultations

Plastic surgery is a highly visual field, with results that can dramatically alter a patient’s appearance. Therefore, it is crucial for patients to clearly understand what they currently look like and what changes they can realistically expect from various procedures.

The Plastic Surgery Group in Montclair, New Jersey, utilizes cutting-edge 3D imaging technology to provide patients with the most accurate and detailed visualizations possible during consultations.

Revel 3D Imaging

One of the most advanced systems The Plastic Surgery Group uses is Revel 3D imaging. This creates detailed 3D models of the patient’s face and body using multiple 2D photos taken from different angles. The system stitches these images to build a comprehensive 3D rendering that the surgeon and patient can manipulate and examine from every angle. Unlike looking in a mirror or at standard 2D photos, Revel allows the patient to see a 360-degree view of any area of concern, zoomed in or out.

Our surgeons use the 3D model to show patients exactly how their anatomy is shaped. This establishes a clear baseline for understanding the changes that may be achieved through procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts and more. The model accurately depicts surface contours and proportions, allowing patients to pinpoint subtle areas they want to refine.

Revel 3D Imaging Modification

In addition, our surgeon can modify the 3D model to preview potential surgical outcomes. This involves digitally altering the area of interest to demonstrate adjustments to size, shape, lift position, symmetry and overall aesthetics. The patient can compare the before and after 3D models side-by-side, giving them an in-depth understanding of what the results might look like. This is far more revealing than relying on the surgeon’s verbal descriptions alone.

Visualizing the changes so clearly in 3D helps set realistic expectations for the patient. It reduces surprises down the road and minimizes the chance of disappointment with the final results. The technology also allows our surgeons to communicate potential limitations or why specific outcomes may or may not be ideal for that individual. This leads to better mutual understanding between the patient and surgeon.

Intraoperative Applications

Beyond surgical planning, Revel 3D imaging has intraoperative applications as well. The 3D model can be loaded into specialized software and projected onto the patient’s body in the operating room. This creates an augmented reality overlay that acts as a guide for the surgeon. The overlay shapes and contours can be referenced while performing the surgery, enhancing precision.

Leveraging 3D Imaging

Personalized 3D visualizations are invaluable in plastic surgery. It empowers patients with deeper insight into their current appearance and potential outcomes. This leads to better education, alignment and satisfaction throughout the process. Leveraging 3D imaging reflects a surgery practice leveraging cutting-edge tools to maximize patient care and communication.

To learn more about 3D imaging technology and how it can assist in your plastic surgery consultation, contact The Plastic Surgery Group in Montclair, New Jersey, today to schedule an appointment.

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