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Panniculus Lift

What is the Panniculus?

The panniculus is the medical term for a growth of fatty tissue on the lower abdomen. This dense, subcutaneous fat tends to hang over the patient’s midsection and may be mistaken for a hernia or tumor. There are different grades of panniculus, ranging in severity from grade one, in which the panniculus hangs just over the mons pubis, to grade five, in which the panniculus covers the knees or beyond.

To get rid of the panniculus, some patients may consider a panniculus lift from the Plastic Surgery Group, New Jersey. The panniculus lift can help restore mobility and confidence in patients concerned with their panniculus.


The Panniculus Lift Procedure

A panniculus lift is one of the only ways to actually get rid of this problem. Even for patients who follow an intense diet and exercise regimen, the panniculus often remains – making it difficult to see progress in other areas of the body.

Those suffering with panniculus are often advised to seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon. At the Plastic Surgery Group, we provide the panniculus lift procedure to remedy this concern. This is a surgery in which the loose skin and fat is removed and pulled tight, leaving the patient panniculus-free.


Who Should Consider a Panniculus Lift

The panniculus lift is designed specifically for patients with an existing panniculus; therefore a patient with only some excess tummy fat will want to consider a different procedure. People with panniculus tend to be women who had children and people who were once obese and then lost a lot of weight. People who have had bariatric surgery, for example, commonly experience panniculus due to the rapid weight loss.

Both of these scenarios commonly leave the patient with a panniculus that is hard to get rid of, even with proper diet and exercise. If you are unsure if the panniculus lift is the right procedure for your body, speak with your physician to determine what your best options are for getting your body where you want it to be.


Panniculus Lift at Plastic Surgery Group

Do you have stubborn fat and loose skin on your stomach that is sagging below your pubic bone? If so, you most likely have a panniculus. Unfortunately, your diet and exercise alone will not be enough to get rid of this stubborn problem area.

Fortunately, the surgeons at Plastic Surgery Group are skilled in performing the panniculus lift and relieving patients of this issue. A panniculus can make it difficult to be active and may cause severe self-esteem issues in those affected. Our surgeons at Plastic Surgery Group, New Jersey are here to help compassionately guide you and address all of your concerns. Schedule your consultation today!

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