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Body, Breast, and Scar Revision

Unfortunately, there will be times when patients are unhappy with their previous plastic surgery results or grow unhappy with them after many years. This is especially true when someone has used discounted plastic surgery services, has worked with plastic surgeons outside of the United States, or when working with an unqualified plastic surgeon.

Revision may also be necessary when decades of time have passed since the original procedure, the patient gains a lot of weight or gets pregnant post-surgery, or the patient sustains some sort of injury. The Plastic Surgery Group, New Jersey offers various revision surgery procedures for the breast and body to help patients in New Jersey and New York achieve the aesthetic they dream of achieving.

Our team of skilled surgeons has seen at all, and we are skilled in repairing poor plastic surgery outcomes or so that the patient is safe and happy with their appearance.

Breast Revision Surgery

There are a few different reasons why someone may want breast revision surgery. The most common reason is that the implant is not sitting correctly within the implant pocket; it is either too tight (contracted) or too loose (“bottoming out”). Oftentimes, these complications are seen after people go to inexperienced surgeons or for “discounted” plastic surgery. If the surgeon does not take the time to follow the proper steps and make sure the breast implant is placed correctly or is too inexperienced to tailor his surgical technique to the individual patient’s anatomy, the end result can be aesthetically displeasing.

While there is always potential for the above complications, the surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group use a variety of special techniques to greatly reduce the chances of developing these complications, including using the Keller Funnel for touchless placement of the implant and educating patients on proper aftercare.

With a revision surgery, the plastic surgeon will be able to upgrade the patient’s implants or add additional volume if drooping and volume loss has occurred with age. Sometimes people want to change out older implants for newer ones or have gained weight with age and no longer feel their breasts are proportional to their new body. Regardless of the reasoning, the plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group specialize in treating the most difficult revisional cases.

Body Revision Surgery

There are several different body revision procedures available at the Plastic Surgery Group. Reasons for body revision surgery may include rapid weight changes or pregnancy following a body procedure or undesirable results from another surgeon’s work. Body revision surgery procedures will be unique depending on the exact body procedure the patient originally underwent. The surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group are dedicated to helping people feel comfortable in their skin and ensuring they are happy with their reconstructive and cosmetic results.

Scar Revision Surgery

After sustaining a significant injury or wound on your body, the healing process can be unpredictable. Usually, deep wounds will heal with a scar. While scars can happen any time you damage the skin, many unsightly scars are a result of poor healing of the connective tissue.

Scars can be an unsightly reminder of your injury, and while they may fade over time, they will generally stay on your body forever. Some scars are so severe that they leave the area of the body looking completely disfigured. If you have a scar you are self-conscious about, visit the Plastic Surgery Group today for a scar revision consultation. Here is what the scar revision procedures can entail.

Scar Revision Consultation

If you have tried to remove your scar using over the counter products, you have most likely had little success in achieving the results you desire. Unfortunately, even plastic surgery is not a foolproof method for completely erasing or removing a scar. However, our techniques will provide a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the scar.

Results will vary depending on the severity of the scar. Your plastic surgeon at Plastic Surgery Group, New Jersey will be completely transparent about the results you can expect prior to undergoing any scar revision procedure.

Scar Revision Procedure

The method of the procedure will depend on the severity of the scar, which includes how deep it is, what size it is, the color of the scar, and the location of the scar. Common scar revision procedures include:

• Injectable Treatments

There are various injectable treatment options for scar revision that can help reduce the appearance of your scar. These treatments fill the depression of a scar, creating a more even skin tone.

• Surface Treatments

Surface treatments are utilized to reduce irregularities of scarring and reduce the pigmentation of scars. Surface treatments are a popular option for patients suffering from acne scarring. There are various surface treatments available to improve the cosmetic appearance of the area, including Microneedling, PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, laser resurfacing, and intense pulsed light therapy.

• Surgical Revision

For very severe scarring, surgical revision may be necessary. In this procedure, the surgeon will make a precise and calculated cut that is deeper and wider than the scar. Then, the plastic surgeon will use a specialized closing method to reduce the appearance of the scar, leaving an end result that is more cosmetically pleasing than the original scar.

Schedule a Scar Revision Consultation Today

Because each and every scar is unique, we require each patient to come in for a consultation so we can examine the scar and establish the best type of revision for the patient’s individual needs and goals. We will work to set expectations and develop a pre and post revision plan to encourage the absolute best results. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at Plastic Surgery Group.

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