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Breast Surgery

At the Plastic Surgery Group, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer women in New York City and New Jersey plastic and reconstructive breast surgery. Our compassionate plastic surgeons have extensive expertise in a range of breast surgery procedures, each designed to address a specific aesthetic concern pertaining to the breasts.


AeroForm AirXpanders Tissue Expander

Patients undergoing breast reconstruction surgery now have another alternative to saline implants thanks to the revolutionary AeroForm AirXpanders. This new type of product minimizes physician visits for breast reconstruction patients, allowing the patient to entirely control the expanding process on their own — without the need for saline.

Anatomic (Shaped) Implant

At the Plastic Surgery Group, we offer an extensive amount of options for the[nbsp_tc]breast augmentation procedure. This procedure is extremely popular at[nbsp_tc]our offices, providing women with exceptional results and a huge boost of self-confidence. Each patient we see has a unique body type and different goals for their breast augmentation procedure. This is why we offer so many different options, as each approach will differ in order to best meet our patient’s specific body.

Breast Augmentation

We offer breast augmentation surgery to enhance the size, or volume, of breasts. Patients can choose between saline and silicone breast implants for use in breast augmentation surgery, which provide a dramatic degree of enhancement.For patients desiring a subtle degree of breast enhancement, natural breast augmentation may be a more appropriate treatment option. With natural breast enhancement, the plastic surgeon uses liposuction techniques to harvest fat cells from another area of the body that typically has an excess amount of fat, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. Once the harvested fat cells are purified, the surgeon re-injects the donor fat into the breasts, massaging the treatment area to ensure equal distribution of the donor fat cells. Although one treatment may be sufficient to provide some patients with their desired degree of breast enhancement, other patients may opt to undergo a second natural breast augmentation procedure for optimal results.

Breast Augmentation with Lift

Many women are not only unsatisfied with the volume and size of their breasts, but also the level of sagging that occurs over time. Sometimes, a[nbsp_tc]breast augmentation[nbsp_tc]procedure is paired with a[nbsp_tc]breast lift[nbsp_tc]in order to achieve the full, youthful and lifted breasts a patient is hoping for. At the Plastic Surgery Group, we perform the breast augmentation and breast lift procedures all in one go, ensuring the patient is able to recover from the procedure and feel confident with her new and improved chest.

Breast Lift

Over time, pregnancy and breastfeeding, major weight loss or simply the natural aging process can cause the breasts to sag, hanging low on the chest wall. Breastfeeding in particular often leaves women with flattened, deflated-looking breasts and / or nipples that point toward the ground instead of straight ahead. When these developments occur, breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, may be the answer.With breast lift surgery, the expert plastic surgeon eliminates loose excess skin from the breast area and raises the breasts higher up on the chest wall for a more youthful appearance. He or she can also move downward-pointing nipples higher up onto the breasts, to a more central location.For women who suffer from sagging breasts but have ample breast volume, mastopexy alone may be sufficient to restore a more youthful appearance to breasts. Women with flattened breasts may opt to include breast augmentation surgery — either with implants or using their own fat harvested from another area of the body — to restore the look of lifted, voluptuous breasts.

Breast Reconstruction

The compassionate plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group also perform breast reconstruction surgery to restore the look of breasts after lumpectomy or mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer. They offer several approaches to breast reconstruction, including the use of tissue flaps, breast implants, natural fat transfer and a number of other options to satisfy each patient’s unique aesthetic and reconstructive needs. The plastic surgeon will collaborate with the patient’s surgical oncologist to make the process as easy as possible.

Breast Reduction

Some women suffer from overly large, pendulous breasts. This can cause them to feel self-conscious about their bust line. Having excessively enlarged breasts can also cause physical discomfort or pain. Often, women with overly large breasts have difficulty engaging in certain physical activities, including running and other high-impact exercises. Their large breasts may force them to hunch forward constantly, causing back, shoulder and neck pain. They may also experience painful indentations and rashes from bra straps that dig into their shoulders. Undergoing breast reduction surgery with the Plastic Surgery Group can help. With breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin, fat and breast tissue before reshaping the breast mound while moving it higher onto the chest wall. The result is beautiful breasts that are comfortable and in proportion to the rest of the woman’s figure.

Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear) Implant

If you are considering a breast augmentation procedure, you have several options for the type of implant material and filling depending on the look you would like to achieve. One of these implant types is called Cohesive Gel, better known as the gummy bear implant. Cohesive gel is thicker than most silicone gel implants, and is often considered to be safer than other implants because they may be less likely to leak or burst open.

Fat Grafting

Have you ever wished you could take fat off one part of your body and transport it to another? This can be a reality with our innovative technology and fat grafting procedure! Fat grafting is available at the Plastic Surgery Group for patients interested in having fat removed from certain regions of their body they feel have excess fat, such as the tummy, the back, or the thighs. It is then transferred to a preferred area of the body that is lacking in volume, such as the breasts, buttocks, or face.

Female Nipple Reduction

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and actually change in both shape and color as women get older or after giving birth. For women uncomfortable with the appearance of their nipples, there is the option of female nipple reduction at the Plastic Surgery Group.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Males of any age — from adolescents to seniors — can experience gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. For men suffering from gynecomastia, the problem is often more serious than an aesthetic concern. Many males with gynecomastia, especially teens, suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety and even depression due to the condition. Treating gynecomastia does wonders to improve male patients’ self-esteem and confidence, as well as their overall quality of life.

Ideal Implant

When considering a breast augmentation procedure, there are several different items that need to be considered. Implant brand, material, size, and shape will all vary depending on the patient and surgeon’s preferences. At the Plastic Surgery Group, our surgeons are committed to giving our patients all of the information they will need to make an informed decision about their breast augmentation procedure.

Inverted Nipple

At The Plastic Surgery Group, we frequently see patients with inverted nipples who feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts because of their inverted nipples. We always work to make sure our patients feel comfortable and perform procedures that will ultimately restore confidence.

Male Nipple Reduction

While a number of plastic surgery procedures are catered to women, there are indeed a plethora of plastic surgery procedures designed specifically for men. If you are a man and unhappy with a specific part of your body, the surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group are skilled in a procedure that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Mohs Reconstruction

Mohs Surgery is a procedure utilized for skin cancer patients. This highly effective procedure uses a unique approach to cut away common forms of skin cancer, but may leave the face with some deformities and scarring if proper reconstruction is not followed up with.

Revisional Surgery

Unfortunately, there will be times when patients are unhappy with their plastic surgery results or grow unhappy with them after many years. This is especially true when someone has used discounted plastic surgery services, has worked with plastic surgeons outside of the United States, or when working with an unqualified plastic surgeon. Our team[nbsp_tc]of skilled surgeons has seen at all, and we are skilled in repairing poor plastic surgery jobs or outdated jobs so that the patient is safe and happy with their appearance.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are inserted and then filled with the saline solution once they are placed in the breast. This means that a smaller incision is required, as the outer shell is the only thing that needs to be placed into the breast from the incision point. This is opposed to silicone implants, which require a larger incision to fit the entire implant through.


For More Information

No matter what a woman’s aesthetic or reconstructive concerns are regarding her breasts, the caring plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group can help. During consultation, the surgeon evaluates the patient’s anatomy and listens to her aesthetic objectives to help her decide which treatment option is best for her.To arrange a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons to find out more about our cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures, please contact the Plastic Surgery Group by calling (973) 233-1933 for our Montclair or Livingston office location, or 212-321-0406 for our Manhattan office.

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