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Anatomic (Shaped) Breast Implants

At the Plastic Surgery Group, we offer an extensive amount of options for the breast augmentation procedure. This procedure is extremely popular at our offices, providing women with exceptional results and a huge boost of self-confidence. Each patient we see has a unique body type and different goals for their breast augmentation procedure. This is why we offer so many different options, as each approach will differ in order to best meet our patient’s specific body.

One of the options we will discuss below is the Anatomic (shaped) implant. This implant type differs from the more conventional “round” implant. Read on to learn more about the anatomic implant, and contact us today if you have any questions!


What is an Anatomic Breast Implant?

Anatomic (shaped) implants are implants that differ from the conventional round implant style. These implant types were traditionally used for breast reconstruction procedures, and have recently been adopted by many different women seeking breast augmentation.

Introduced in 2012, these implants are designed to better achieve a “natural” look, as they are able to mimic a breast that has not been altered. These implants are actually textured, as to avoid them slipping out of place or rotating within the breast after implantation. When it moves out of place, another surgery is required to fix the problem.


Which Implant Shape is Right for You?

An anatomic shaped breast implant may be the right choice for a patient if they want greater control over the look of the implant and do not want the typical “round” breast shape. For example, women with small frames may choose an anatomic shape if they want the implant to look more natural. In addition, women who don’t want it to be obvious they had a breast augmentation may also choose an anatomic shape.

Anatomic shaped implants come in all of the fills of other implants: silicone, gummy bear, and saline. With varying profiles, upper pole fullness, and general sizing, your anatomic shape implant is completely customizable to your specific body type and needs.


Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation Today

Are you interested in a breast augmentation? When working with the experts at the Plastic Surgery Group, you have a ton of options as to the exact type of breast augmentation you receive. We work with each unique patient to ensure they will have an end result they absolutely love. Contact us today to learn more about the breast augmentation procedure and the option for an anatomic (shaped) breast implant.

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