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Inverted Nipples Solutions

If you have inverted nipples, there is a procedure by expert plastic surgeons that can correct this issue permanently. At The Plastic Surgery Group, we frequently see patients with inverted nipples who feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts because of their inverted nipples. We always work to make sure our patients feel comfortable and perform procedures that will ultimately restore confidence. Read below to learn more about inverted nipples and how we can repair them at The Plastic Surgery Group.


Causes of an Inverted Nipple

There are various causes of inverted nipples. The most common case is that both women and men are simply born with inverted nipples. In other cases, inverted nipples are the result of an underlying condition.

For some women, milk ducts and other tissues in the nipple area shorten due to inflammation, creating an inverted nipple. In other instances, a woman may have a biopsy performed on her breast or some sort of injury, and the scar tissue will inflame creating an inverted nipple. Breast-feeding may also cause the nipple to invert for some women. There is nothing medically wrong with an inverted nipple, but if you wish you had a pronounced nipple for aesthetic reasons, surgery is the best option.


Non-Surgical Approaches

Based on your level of nipple inversion (on a scale from 1 to 3, with 1 meaning they respond to stimulation, 2 meaning they stay in all the time and will briefly pop out, and 3 meaning they never appear) patients may want to consider non-surgical approached first. These approaches include:

  • Suction Devices
  • Nipple Piercings

However, these are typically not permanent solutions. Breast revision surgery is the only proven permanent solution for inverted nipples.


Breast Revision Surgery for Inverted Nipples

Breast revision surgery for inverted nipples is a relatively simple procedure that will provide permanent results to your problem. The method utilized by the surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group allows us to preserve the milk ducts.

The surgeon will simply make a small incision in the areola, allowing the fibers to spread and stretch. The surgeon will expertly place sutures under the skin, holding the nipple in the “out” position and securing it in place. After the sutures are made, the area will be secured with a protective device for a few days to ensure the nipples to not invert upon healing. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, patients are usually healed within a couple of weeks with their results immediately noticeable.


Contact The Plastic Surgery Group Today

If you have inverted nipples and are interested in having a permanent solution to correct your nipples, consider breast reconstruction for inverted nipples at The Plastic Surgery Group. Our surgeons have expert experience in creating beautiful results for women and men concerned with the appearance of their chest. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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