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Neck Lift Surgery



At the Plastic Surgery Group in New Jersey & New York City, we recognize that the look of the neck essentially influences one’s overall appearance. For instance, a smooth, taut neck can make individuals look younger than their actual age. In contrast, a neck plagued by sagging skin, displaced fat and/or horizontal “bands” across the neck can make someone look much older than he or she really is.

Individuals who suffer from lax skin that hangs off the underside of the chin or the neck (colloquially referred to as “turkey wattle”), deposits of fat under the skin of the neck or severely weakened neck muscles that cause the appearance of horizontal neck bands might be suitable candidates for neck lift surgery.

Why Neck Surgery Becomes Necessary

As individuals age, the body generates less elastin and collagen, proteins that are essential for elastic, young-looking skin. Without these important proteins, the skin loses its elasticity and starts to droop. Sagging skin often occurs in the neck region, drooping off the bottom of the chin or off other areas of the neck.

Losing a massive amount of weight can also lead to loose, sagging neck skin. In addition, uncontrollable factors such as genetics can negatively impact the look of neck, often leading to sagging neck skin, pockets of subcutaneous fat and / or bands that divide the neck into unsightly horizontal sections.

When these developments occur, surgical intervention may become necessary to restore the appearance of a smooth, youthful-looking neck contour.

How Neck Lift Surgery Can Help

The good news is that the board-certified plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery group offer neck lift surgery to help correct aesthetic issues affecting the neck. They have extensive expertise in the two main approaches to neck lift surgery: cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty. With the former approach, the plastic surgeon eliminates excess neck skin to provide patients with a smoother neck profile. With the latter approach, the surgeon repairs or possibly removes certain musculature from the neck to improve the appearance of bothersome neck bands.

For patients with multiple aesthetic concerns regarding their necks and more extensive neck contouring needs, the plastic surgeon may recommend undergoing both neck lift techniques. He or she may also recommend undergoing liposuction of the neck to eliminate excess fat from the region and enhance the aesthetic results of surgery.

Many patients opt to undergo neck lift in conjunction with a different facial rejuvenation procedure such as facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery or another treatment option to optimize the revitalizing effects of plastic surgery.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Neck lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is usually performed on an outpatient basis, unless it is combined with other, more complex plastic surgery procedures.

To start the neck lift procedure, the plastic surgeon makes an incision in the neck region. The length, position and pattern of the incision will be chosen based on the patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic concerns. For instance, the incisions used for platysmaplasty are typically placed under the chin and behind the ears. These incisions allow the plastic surgeon to access the neck musculature, as needed. The surgeon may also use permanent internal sutures to hold the repaired tissues in place after surgery. He or she may use a different incision pattern and / or location if performing cervicoplasty, either alone or in conjunction with platysmaplasty.

After the surgeon has made the incisions, he or she removes surplus skin and alters the neck musculature as necessary. Neck lift surgery may also involve liposuction of the treatment area, as chosen by the patient and surgeon during consultation.

Once the surgeon is content with the new neck contour, he or she closes the incisions with stitches and dresses the treatment area with bandages.

Less Invasive Treatment Options

Some patients may be appropriate candidates for a less invasive treatment option, such as the endoscopic approach to neck lift surgery. With the endoscopic approach, the surgeon inserts a long, thin surgical device into the treatment area. The device has a camera on the end of it, which the surgeon uses to monitor the surgical process. This allows him or her to use smaller incisions during the procedure.

Other patients with less complex aesthetic issues may be suitable candidates for a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment such as injectable BOTOX muscle relaxant. BOTOX injections may be recommended in lieu of neck lift surgery or as an adjunct procedure to neck lift surgery, for appropriate candidates. When injected into the treatment area, BOTOX cosmetic treatment temporarily relaxes the muscles in the neck, which are responsible for the appearance of horizontal neck bands.

Only a skilled plastic surgeon such as the ones at the Plastic Surgery Group can properly assess each patient’s anatomical and surgical needs and render a qualified recommendation regarding a suitable treatment protocol. Individuals should not hesitate to discuss their aesthetic concerns with the surgeon during their consultation, so he or she can help them make informed decisions about the best course of action to address their aesthetic desires.

To schedule a personal consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons to learn more about neck lift surgery, please contact the Plastic Surgery Group by calling (973) 233-1933 or (212) 321-0406 today. We can arrange a consultation at our Montclair, Livingston or Manhattan office location.

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