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Coolsculpting FAQs

How does CoolSculpting work? Are the results permanent?

The cooling technology in the CoolSculpting system freezes the fat so the body can gradually absorb the devitalized cells. Once absorbed, the fat cells are dissolved and permanently removed, however, results will only be maintained with a sensible diet and regular exercise routine.


How long is a CoolSculpting session? How many will are needed?

A CoolSculpting treatment is unique to each patient. The length of each session depends on how many areas need to be treated and an individual’s treatment goals. The treatment plan is tailored specifically for each patient, including whether additional sessions may be needed to reach a particular goal.


Is the CoolSculpting procedure safe? Which areas can be treated?

The CoolSculpting procedure is an FDA-approved non-surgical method for fat reduction that is safe and effective. The technology can be safely used on the abdomen, arms, bra fat, inner and outer thighs, chin, flanks, and the area above the knee.


What is the down time before return to normal activity?

There is no specific down time required after the treatment although there can be a variable amount of swelling, numbness and soreness of the treated areas. Following a CoolSculpting procedure, patients can immediately return to full activity as tolerated, including working and exercising.


How long before results are visible?

Early results can be seen as soon as three weeks after the initial treatment, however, the most visible results can be seen after two months. The body will continue to eliminate devitalized fat cells up to four to six months after the CoolSculpting procedure has been completed.


What happens with gain weight after the CoolSculpting procedure?

After new contours are achieved following CoolSculpting, subsequent weight gain is uniformly distributed over the entire body. Fat neither “settles” solely in treated areas nor in untreated areas. Rather, all remaining fat cells throughout the body will increase in size, resulting in weight gain.


How much does the CoolSculpting procedure cost?

There is no fixed price for a CoolSculpting procedure, but rather, it is based on a highly customized plan. The total cost of the procedure is determined by which areas are treated and the number of treatments needed, based on the desired goals of the treatment.


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