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Microblading in New Jersey

A Simple Way to Achieve the Perfect Brow

Microblading has been a dominating trend in the beauty industry as of late, and it’s easy to see why. The semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment is an efficient way to restore fullness to thin eyebrows. Using a tool with needles to stimulate more hair growth, microblading treatment is truly one-of-a-kind, and requires only a few touch-ups to keep up with the beautiful result. Microblading treatment is much less invasive than regular cosmetic tattooing, and can significantly correct and reconstruct any lost eyebrow hair prior to undergoing the procedure.


Quick Methodology for a Speedy Treatment

The initial microblading session will always be the longest, and it will typically take a little under three hours to complete. This first appointment will be the most important, as the patient will be telling the brow technician about their desired style and shape for their eyebrows. Upon styling according to their requests, the brow technician will show them their eyebrows, and ask for their feedback regarding whether or not it is a good match. After the shape and style are decided upon, the pigment color must be selected, so that the brow technician can begin the microblading treatment. The touch-up session usually takes just under two hours to complete.


Healing and Absence of Down Time

Since microblading is a non-invasive procedure, there is no down time after receiving the treatment. The area surrounding the eyebrow will be a little sensitive and appear red, and it will definitely be darker in color. As your body is healing, the darkened eyebrow color will fade. There will also be a slight amount of scabbing – however, our plastic surgeons and brow technicians advise not to, since it could damage the skin and ruin the results of the microblading treatment. The eyebrows and the area that surrounds it will be fully healed within one to two weeks of the microblading treatment, and it will take one full month to see the decided upon color.


Touch-Up Session and Final Results

While it’s true that no two patients are alike, and that everyone heals differently, a touch-up microblading session is necessary after four to six weeks upon a patient’s initial visit. There are a few reasons for this semi-delay: The pigment coloring might need to be enhanced or toned down, the patient may desire a thicker appearance for their eyebrows or a few different areas might be missing if the eyebrows did not get filled in all the way during the first microblading session. Even though patients can get really eager to, it is strongly advised to wait at least four weeks before returning for another touch-up session. This is because the pigment has not yet had ample time to settle in up until that timeframe, so it’s always better to wait it out.


Schedule Your Microblading Session to Perfect Your Brows

Anyone interested in trying out a microblading session should contact the Plastic Surgery Group to make an appointment by calling 973-437-3419.