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PSG Clinical Care Skin Care Products


PSG Alpha Beta Cleansing Gel

For normal to oily skin types. This foaming exfoliative gel cleanses deeply, dislodging clogged pores for thickened, peeling, oily skin. The PSG Alpha Beta Cleansing Gel also treats Keratosis Pilaris (a bumpy overgrowth of keratin found usually on the upper arms, buttocks and/or back of legs)

PSG Gentle Cleansing Lotion

This ultra gentle cleansing lotion is safe to use after peels and surgical procedures, as well as for regular skin cleansing. Creamy and non-drying, yet very effective, this lotion is gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

PSG Gentle Foaming Cleanser

An ultra gentle cleanser in a light foaming product. Gentle for any type of skin.

Exfoliating Treatments

PSG Alpha Beta Treatment Pads

With 2% Salicylic Acid and 10% Glycolic acid, these treatment pads have skin clearing, exfoliative and anti-aging benefits. For normal skin, as an anti-aging treatment, the pads can be used to soften the skin for better penetration of therapeutic elements, and to start the exfoliative process. For oily acneic skin, they can be used to treat blemishes and clogged pores.


 PSG AHA Glycolic Acid Complex Treatment Pads

Easy to use pads enhance the skin’s exfoliative process to produce younger fresher skin cells. Indicated for aging skin, oily skin, and dry skin. Gradually lightens hyperpigmented skin. Can be used in conjunction with any skin care routine. Regular use boosts the efficacy of our chemical peel or dermaplaning services. Contains antioxidants to combat free-radical activity in the skin. Available in 10%, 15%, and 20% strengths.

PSG Retinol Therapy Treatment Pads

Retinol is pure, active vitamin A. It increases cell turnover and exfoliation by stimulating cell production. The skin appears smoother and tone improves. The products also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, and contain antioxidants to neutralize free-radicals. An anti aging treatment, as well as for acne patients, PSG Retinol Therapy Treatment Pads unclog pores and help fade freckles and acne scars.

Note: Be extra careful to apply sunscreen daily, as Retinol makes the skin more sun sensitive. Available in 5x and 10x strengths.