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PSG Clinical Care Skin Care Products

Lightening Treatment

PSG Pigmentation Complex

The pigmentation complex therapy can be personalized for your specific case. It will effectively lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma. The formulation is a botanical skin brightening complex containing Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Bearberry, along with protective antioxidants. While the product is effective all by itself, it can also be compounded to include 2% or 4% Rx Hydroquinone for short term treatment for more stubborn pigmentation problems. Best results occur when used in conjunction with glycolic or retinol products and peels.

Eye Treatment

PSG Antioxidant Retinol Eye Serum

Protects the delicate eye area from free radical damage, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and darkness. Promotes proper lymphatic drainage, and along with Vitamin K and Arnica, diminishes the “bluish” cast under the eyes. Retinol lightens surface pigmentation and boosts the cell activity.


PSG Relucent C Collagen Support  Serum

A stabilized Vitamin C serum to strengthen, protect and brighten the skin and tone. Vitamin C is the primary water-soluble antioxidant in the body, disarming free radicals and preventing damage both inside and outside the cells. Relucent-C Collagen Support Serum enhances collagen production via 5 types of pure, stabilized Vitamin C, that combined, yields a 20% Arbutin, Bearberry, and Emblica. Daily use fights free radicals via the bio compatible antioxidant system that includes Vitamin E and Co-Q10 (Ubiquinone).

The product is oil-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free. gluten-free and hypoallergenic.

PSG Hydrating Serum

An advanced blend of both small (fractionated) and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids that penetrate deeply, saturating multiple skin layers, binding and retaining moisture, quenching dehydrated skin and providing all day/all night moisture retention.

Additional humectants: (Sodium PCA and Glycerin) rejuvenate, plump, smooth and soften the skin, supporting healthy collagen and maintaining the skin barrier.

A powerful blend of peptides, and antioxidants: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-28, Ergothioneine, Glutathione and Camilia Sinensis (white tea) extract protect cells from damage, calm irritation, nourish and soothe the skin whilst guarding against free radical damage.

An Essential Mineral Complex: (Zinc PCA & Copper PCA) moisturize and condition the skin, promote collagen synthesis and wound healing. Can be used alone or to boost any skin care products hydrating effects. Can be used for neck, décolleté, lips, etc. Ultra clean, allergen free, gluten free, fragrance free and paraben free formula.


PSG Triple Antioxidant Moisturizer

This powerful therapeutic strength combination of 3 powerful antioxidants fights free-radical damage and soothes the skin. Visibly reduces the signs of redness and inflammation. Loaded with Hyaluronic acid, which is light feeling, but very hydrating.

Peptide Anti-Aging System (Duo)

The Peptide Duo utilizes a systematic combination of wrinkle fighting peptides, active botanicals, antioxidants and liposome-encapsulated vitamins that work synergistically for immediate tightening and toning of the skin, diminishment of fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as long term cosmetic rebuilding of the dermal matrix.

PSG Firming Serum Step I is a facial firming therapy to smooth fine lines & wrinkles while providing immediate firming and tightening. Peptides rebuild the dermal matrix by supporting new collagen growth. Antioxidants neutralize free radical damage and calm the skin.

PSG Peptide Restructuring Cream Step II replenishes hydration by plumping up the dermis. Builds a stronger lipid barrier while supporting cellular oxygenation, and rebuilding of the elastic fibers. Green Tea Polyphenols neutralize free radicals.

PSG Restorative Cream

Contains high functioning performance ingredients to assist and improve the restorative processes of the skin. Ceramides to repair the lipid barrier and increase moisture retention, plant stem cells to provide micronutrients and visually plump up the skin cells, emollients to prevent dryness, an antioxidant complex to counteract free radical damage, peptides to support collagen growth to increase elasticity, and humectants to bind hydration in the skin. Paraben free, hypoallergenic and gluten free, the PSG Restorative Cream is the ideal cream to hydrate, soften and protect your skin. Can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin, retinol patients, young, middle and older skins.

PSG Restorative Cream can be used night or day, but it’s particularly indicated for evening use. Sleep is very important for the skin. It restores and balances hormone levels, including the damaging stress hormone cortisol, repairs tissue, replaces cells lost through age and damage, rebalances the acidity/alkalinity of the protective acid mantle, calms inflammation, and increases the moisture level. PSG Restorative Cream supports and enhances these natural healing processes.

PSG All-In-One Daily Lotion

This single step lotion, ideal for demanding or active lifestyles, provides essential corrective benefits for aging skin. Formulated with a multi-action complex combining pure vitamin c, ferulic acid, vitamin e,  retinol, and niacinamide, this weightless treatment provides a comprehensive approach by preventing aging free radical damage, boosting cellular turnover for efficient exfoliation, and energizing skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, skin texture is refined, and discolorations are minimized to restore a firmer, luminous, even complexion.


PSG  Sheer Physical Protection Spray SPF 50+

A completely weightless broad spectrum sunscreen for all skin types, especially the very sensitive. Enriched with 5 antioxidants: GreenTea Polyphenols, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Emblica & Co-Q10. Weightless, ultra sheer, transparent, containing no alcohol or oils, and non comedogenic. Contains no parabens or chemical sunscreens. Purely physical protection of 12% Micronized Zinc Oxide. Water resistant up to 40 minutes. Shake well before using.

PSG Skin Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 50+

Broad spectrum UVA & UVB purely physical (no parabens or chemical sunscreen) protection in a very sheer crème base. Light on the skin, will not clog pores, enriched with 5 antioxidants: GreenTea Polyphenols, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Emblica & Co-Q10. Oil and alcohol free, non-whitening, weightless & lightly tinted to self adjust to most skin tones, it perfects the skin, making pores and wrinkles look invisible. Contains 13.75% Micronized Zinc Oxide.

PSG Recovery Cream

This light textured moisturizing cream made from pure aloe vera is specially medicated with USP 1% hydrocortisone to soothe the skin following a chemical peel. Recovery cream can also be used to calm general skin irritations, eczema, sebborheic dermatitis, and may prevent some of the hyperpigmentation caused by skin trauma in darker skinned individuals.