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What People are Saying

Beauty in Balance, April 5, 2006

“I’m so impressed with this book. It contains clear-detailed information in a professional yet easy to undestand manner.”

Betty C “Betty” (Alpine, NJ)

Real Information, March 10, 2006

“I’ve bought several books and had several cosmetic procedures and this is the best book out there. It provides the kind of information you really want before having plastic surgery.”

Chaz “SC” (Montclair, NJ)

A Helpful Book, March 10, 2006

“I found this book to be most helpful in researching cosmetic surgery and the various procedures I am considering. The information was succinct and easy to read. I feel much more confident about the process as a result of reading this book. I recommend this book with great enthusiasm!”

Jack C “JC” (San Francisco, CA)

Realistic Beauty, March 10, 2006

“Beauty in Balance is a book like no other. Drs. Rosen and Ablaza explain how to achieve fabulous results while setting realistic boundaries. Before scheduling an appointment for a procedure, read this book–it will give you all the insight you need to obtain the results you desire. Drs. Rosen and Ablaza are two of the finest plastic surgeons in the NYC area.”

Lola Miller “Lola” (New York City)

Amazing, March 9, 2006

“Finally, a book that isn’t hype. Easy and straight forward with great pictures. Thank you Drs. Rosen and Ablaza for taking the mystery and extremism out of plastic surgery.”

D. Gray, (NJ)

Education and Honest, March 10, 2006

“During an era where aesthetic perfection is constantly being force-fed to society, it was a nice change of pace to be exposed to a professional perspective that was both honest and educational. Beauty In Balance acknowledges the various reasons for a person to consider plastic surgery, and Drs. Rosen and Ablaza provide their readers with a step-by-step account of how to properly approach plastic surgery. This book is one in a million.”

Corrine M. “freelancer” (NYC)

Beauty in Balance, April 5, 2006

“I was truly impressed with “Beauty in Balance”. It gave me a clear understanding of the procedures and this in turn helped me to have realistic expectations. I would recommend this book for anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery.”

Patricia Vee (Point Pleasant, NJ)

Book Review, March 23, 2006

“Excellent reference book on the latest cosmetic surgery procedures for face and body. Does not include reconstructive procedures.”

Kathleen Lydon

Don’t even think about getting anything done until you’ve read this book.. , March 3, 2006

“In this era of “extreme” everything, it’s nice to hear the voice of reason struggling to be heard. Beauty in Balance does exactly that. It talks about reality. It’s not trying to sell anything or trick you. It is simply there to educate you and give you the tools to make sensible decisions. Nicely written in layperson terms we can all understand!”

CKreig “CKF” (New Jersey)

Common sense to some; education to others, February 27, 2006

“I found that “Beauty in Balance” made me feel like I was having a personal one-on-one with the doctors without being rushed out of an office. It educated me on areas I did not even think to consider.

The book is in a format that is so easy to understand. As you read it you feel like you are not alone in asking questions that may be difficult to ask your physician face-to-face.

I have known so many people that have had plastic surgery (breast, lipo, facial peels, tummy tucks, tattoo make-up) and when it was completed they did not feel they had a true understanding of the pain, recovery time, limitations, etc..

This book gives such a down-to-earth yet educated response to cosmetic surgery.

Thank you doctors.”

Star (Boca Raton, FL)

Beauty in Balance, February 19, 2006

“A very readable yet highly professional account of what one can and should expect from plastic surgery for elective cosmetic purposes. There is also a great section on non-surgical options for people who want to improve or change how they look. The book is organized especially well for busy people-one can go directly to the sections of particular interest and find out everything you need to know in a few minutes. Accounts of real patients attribute to the momentum of interest for those wanting to know and read everything. This is the kind of book that gets right to the point in an intelligent and intriguing way. The chapter on anesthesia-4 kinds and 4 ways, the chapter on what’s fake or wrong or dangerous about the extreme makeover craze and the chapter on the FUTURE of cosmetic surgery are particularly informative and enlightening. An excellent book for those just thinking about cosmetic surgery, those who may have had some and those just wanting to know the real scoop. I think Drs. Rosen and Ablaza bring an excellent perspective and sanity to an all too frequent wanton use of surgery.”

B. Gottesman “freelance librarian and educational consultant”

The Montclair Times

Essex County - Feb 2006 'Beauty in Balance' examines the new rush to have plastic surgery

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