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Countless patients visit the Plastic Surgery Group with the same complaint: They look exhausted every day due to the appearance of dark circles, or “bags,” under their eyes — even though they consistently sleep well and feel rested. Other individuals seek the expertise of our board-certified plastic surgeons because their sagging eyelids make them look depressed or distressed even though they are happy and optimistic.

Most people have heard the saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Whether or not that is true, the eyes are one of our most expressive facial features. It is unfortunate when outside factors lead to drooping upper and / or lower eyelids that do not properly convey one’s youthful energy.

At the Plastic Surgery Group, we offer individuals in New York City and New Jersey eyelid lift surgery, also called “blepharoplasty” or simply “eyelid surgery.” With eyelid surgery, our experienced plastic surgeons provide patients with a rejuvenated look throughout the eyes, for a well-rested, happy and more youthful-looking appearance.


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